Archive of Niftiness

The Archive of Niftiness is one of a kind wearable items and toys made by moi. Although these items have been sold if you see something you need just give a holler at and I will try to hook you up : ) Just scroll down to see vintage button bracelets, cute upcycled kids clothes, jewelry and more : )



My button bracelets are made of vintage and used buttons. New buttons just don’t have the same feeling. Sometimes I add other elements like vintage beads or charms, ribbons or small pictures.

I love used buttons because they are small personal objects each with its own mysterious history. Certain buttons spark my memory, making me think of people, places or things, and they come together to evoke a feeling. For example: My Gramma Never Threw Anything Out, Howard Johnson’s Saturday Night circa 1974, I Loved My Barbie When I Was 5, and Florida Orange Grove Vacation to name a few. To view a more complete archive look here.



These are original, tiny paintings set into wooden or metal bezels and finished with vintage and upcycled beads and findings.



Baby D is my line of all things upcycled, from clothing and bags to jewelry for women and kids. Original designs paired with new, vintage and upcycled fabrics and trims and thrift store treasures.